About Randy Powell



“Raising the bar, to serve you better!”

Randy Powell has a one of a kind personality and his enterprising nature drives both his success and passion to help others. During his successful ten-year career as a professional barber and hair stylist, Randy built a network of relationships that allowed him to act as a mentor to both his clients and peers on a daily basis. This professional experience, combined with his philanthropic mentality, urged him to make the transition to the industry as a Real Estate Sales Representative.

Randy has always had an appetite for real estate and channelled this interest as an investor for over seven years where he has devised successful buying and selling strategies that have guided him through several real estate transactions. He continues to excel in today’s market owning multiple properties and managing a commercial business. Through his experience, Randy has built relationships with a network of professionals and a framework of ideas that are geared to delivering the same level of success for clients. Strongly believing in working outside the box, Randy continues to find new avenues in real estate and is committed to continuously raising the bar.

He is willing to go above and beyond the average agent to provide excellent customer service and guide you from start to finish. Randy’s mission is to provide you with a wealth of knowledge to better understanding the real estate market and to see his clients achieve their goals – getting into their dream home.